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10 Ways to access blocked websites in schools/collages /offices

Hello Friends, Is your school, college or office blocking you from getting on social network sites like Friendster, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Hi5, etc? This article will let you know about the all possible ways to unblock websites on internet so that you can access the blocked websites easily. By using the below mentioned tricks you can unblock and open almost any websites on intern... Read more

How to Make Your Web Browser Read Out For You ?

      Are you a person who reads a lot over the internet most of the time and are you tired of reading text or web content each and everytime? Then here you have a solution. It time that you make your browser read it for you rather than you reading the text all the time.

      This tutorial will teach you how to make your web browser [Google Chrome]  spea... Read more

How to Block Websites on your Computer

Hello Friends,

Sometimes, Blocking any website on your computer becomes necessary when you really want to make it your personal computer. Many times someone from your family or some irritating friend comes to you and want to use your computer to surf internet and then he start viewing videos on youtube or start chatting on Facebook regardless of whether you a... Read more

Google search tips and tricks

  Google is getting more and more intelligent with each update, allowing us to find answers to basic questions without clicking through to another page. Hard-to-find information, on the other hand, still requires a bit of extra work. Let’s take a look at a few Google tricks to help you search smarter.

To search for an exact phrase, with the same words in the s... Read more

How to make PDF file speak in Adobe reader ?

Hello Friends, Today I'm sharing how pdf file are speak automatically and we can listen it.

Steps to activate this feature in Adobe Reader:

  1. Open any pdf file in Adobe Reader
  2. Go to “View” Menu
  3. Click on “Read Out Loud” option
  4. Click on “Activate Read out Loud” option or use Shortcut as Shift+Ctr... Read more

How To Make Nameless Folder in Windows

Hello Friends,

Today I'm sharing very interesting tricks of windows that is Create nameless folder.

  1. Make a Newfolder on desktop or where ever you want.
  2. Right click on this newly created folder and select Rename.
  3. Erase the text showing "New Folder".
  4. Now keep Pressing Alt (i.e alter key) and ... Read more